• AVUS ? What is it ?

    AVUS is the solution that maps and visualises in augmented reality the millions of miles of pipes and cables that constitute the distribution networks of energy, data, etc. lying under your feet but also hidden in your walls, slabs or ceilings.

    "AVUS allows my team to work with a highly accurate and multi device app that gives us access to detailed and reliable data about surrounding assets. It saves us time and help us avoid costly mistakes ".


    Jason PARFITT, Network Manager

    Highways England - SW Maintenance & Response


    How does it work ?

    - 1 -

    We transform your existing data

    (PDF, CAD…) or your physical asset

    - 2 -

    Into a 3D model

    - 3 -

    That you can see and use on site



    Augmented Reality and As-Built application


    Leverages the power of Google AR Core to project highly accurate augmented reality holograms.


    Compatible with

    Android 7 smartphones *


    The smartphone provides a host platform and computing power to display AR hologram.


    * As- Built application only requires an Android 6 smartphone equipped with an HD video recording camera


    Compatible USB powered Centimeter-Accurate positioning hardware  

    Battery powered handheld bracket that integrate a Centimeter-Accurate mobile positioning hardware, an EDM and connect to your BYO phone


    Who are they ?


    AVUS improves underground asset data management by increasing and maintaining data accuracy

    Faster locate the underground infrastructure on site


    Increase safety and reduce asset damages


    Save time on your as-built records


    Plan your project with confidence !

    AVUS allows for a better understanding of legacy systems when planning to introduce new services to the underground utility infrastructure.


    AVUS helps mitigate potential conflicts in design and avoid costly delays in construction.


    Ipswich Road - Colchester (UK)

    Client : ESSEX COUNCIL

    Augmented Reality

    Boulevard de la liberté - Châtillon (FRANCE)

    Client : WATELET TP

    Augmented Reality

    Rue Clemenceau - Montauban (FRANCE)

    Client : EUROVIA

    Augmented Reality

    Rue de la Valette - Bergerac (FRANCE)

    Client : EUROVIA

    Augmented Reality

    Rue Villa des Fleurs - Courbevoie (FRANCE)

    Client : SOGEA / DALKIA

    Augmented Reality


    Geoff Zeiss's geospatial blog “Between The Poles”

    AVUS is featured in

    Date: 7 May 2020

    Building Beyond Festival - LEONARD PARIS (FRANCE)

    Pitching AVUS

    HAUC(UK) National Convention 2019 (UK)

    AVUS official launched in the UK

    Date: 16 May 2019

    Our new stand


    AVUS selected by VINCI Energies to feature during the 2019 edition of VIVATECH​

    Date: 17 & 18 May 2019

    Fondation FEREC (FRANCE)

    AVUS project call winner - 2018 edition

    Date: 10 September 2018

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